Q -Do Garra Rufa fish bite?

No, the species of Garra Rufa doctor fish are incapable of biting. This is due to the fact that they do not have teeth. The mouth of the Garra Rufa has evolved to allow it to suck and lick dead or infected skin away. The sensation of Garra Rufa treatment is therefore a painless one.


Q -Is it hygienic?

At It’s Fishy fish spa we operate one of the most hygienic fish spas in the country because we know that to maintain a strong clientele we must maintain the highest of standards.
The Garra Rufa fish do not transfer diseases to humans. Prior to treatment your feet will be carefully washed and examined. Disposable slippers are given to every client to walk from our wash basins over to the fish tanks, so at no time are you walking bare foot in our salon premises. This helps to prevent cross-infection.
Each person is given their own individual fish pod. Sterilized water constantly flows through each pod to ensure that the process is as hygienic as possible.
At It’s Fishy fish spa we pride ourselves on maintaining an unrivalled standard of hygiene and customer care, our Spa tanks are state of the art and every effort is made to ensure our fish and equipment receive the best level of care by our qualified staff.
Our hands employ a powerful filtration system which cleans the water more than 8 times every hour, changing the water every 10 minutes. We also use a system similar to that found in public swimming pools. It’s an ultraviolet light system which works by killing 99.9% of any bacteria present in the water. Genuine Garra Rufa fish - which we use - do not have any teeth (which can trap bacteria) so they cannot carry bacteria from one fish to another, neither can they carry bacteria to persons.


Q - What are the health benefits of a Garra Rufa fish pedicure?

There are a number of health benefits to having a fish pedicure; the major benefit is the removal of dead skin by the fish, which helps the growth of new skin beneath. As the Garra Rufa fish are performing their treatment, it is said that they release an enzyme known as Diathanol. I have yet to confirm for certain that this is the correct scientific term as Diathanol is an unusual name for an enzyme. Regardless of this, I can confirm that a substance is passed from fish to skin during the process that leaves the skin exceptionally soft and revitalised.

The fish also deliver what is sometimes referred to as a micro- massage that feels like hundreds of bubbles around the feet. This gentle massage has a very relaxing effect and is good for stress relief.

Q- Fish Spa, what is it?

The experience is a clean natural pedicure method originating from Turkey and practiced all over the Far East .Now also in the UK. Thailand, Japan and many other countries use this practice on a weekly basis to keep themselves feeling great. This unique skin treatment massages your feet using Garra Rufa fish. It is a great individual or group pampering experience which is something new that feels fantastic, and is taking the world by storm!


Q- How does it vary from other services we have seen?

It’s Fishy
fish spa offers a unique service unlike our rivals with our own individual Spa Units. Each unit benefits from its own water filter systems unlike some of our competitors who use a communal filtration system. This ensures that you will not be “water sharing” and the water in each unit is sterilized and filtered up to 8 times an hour. Moreover, there’s a 10 minute gap between each client & the next to make time for more than a complete filtration cycle to take place.


Q- How does it feel?

The Sensation is nothing like you have ever experienced before. The totally safe and painless experience feels almost like a gentle tickling sensation, which is great! This foot massage gives a light tingling sensation and is again unique at It’s Fishy.


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