Our fish

To help with our mission is our team of trusty Garra rufa fish, always at ready for whatever feet are dipped their way. They will gently suck and nipple away at your dead skin leaving feet feeling soft, smooth and revitalised. They love meeting new feet every day. They are sociable and will never fail to tuck-in to your toes.

Originally from southern Turkey and northern Syria, for centuries Doctor Fish have been known for softening and cleansing the skin of people who bathed in hot springs where the fish darted about.

This trend has now traveled to the Far East, America and the UK and is now in Egypt creating a lot of interest. All over the world nibble fish centers are springing up and people are taking advantage of a totally organic pedicure.

Worldwide, these Dr. Fish have made a name for themselves as “bio-therapists”, “dermatologists”, “pedicurists”, “nibble fish” and “Dr. Fish”.

It sounds crazy, but don’t knock it until you try it – it is surprisingly fun. These normally vegetarian fish home in on areas of dry skin, especially around heels and soles of the feet and finger nails.

The fish we use at It’s Fishy fish spa are original Garra Rufa.
Although these little Minnow size fish have no teeth, they certainly have a big impact!

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